WYPR's Maryland MOrninG

For nearly two years, I served as producer of WYPR's daily news magazine, Maryland Morning, hosted by Sheilah Kast. Clips of some of my favorite segments, including a non-narrated series about musicians, are below.


Getting Past Homicide Numbers

How do murder statistics, zealously reported by the media, shape how we think about our neighborhoods, communities and the people who live in them? This conversation considers the implications of a number central to public discussion about safety, policing, violence and even economic development.


Maryland's Complex Relationship To Representations Of The Civil War

During the Civil War Maryland was shot through with tension, a slave state that stayed in the Union despite citizens that sympathized with the Confederacy, especially in the tobacco counties of Southern Maryland and the Eastern Shore. 150 years later, after a spring of racial unrest, Maryland is examining the ways its past is reflected publicly. A task force will review the city’s Confederate monuments and other historical sites.


Abdu Ali On Growing Up In Baltimore, Being A Gay Rapper And Working Across Genres

A non-narrated conversation with rapper, DJ and writer Abdu Ali about his music, his influences and the regular dance party he organizes. The segment aired just before Ali's new records was released. 



How Baltimore City's Libraries Address Workforce Development

The day after the outpouring of anger and looting in Baltimore following the funeral of Freddie Gray, Baltimore’s libraries stayed open including the Pennsylvania avenue branch, at the center of some of the worst devastation.  One of the issues at the center of the Freddie Gray discussion is the issue of unemployment and economic growth in neighborhoods with pervasive poverty. And in Baltimore, workforce development is happening in an unlikely place -- the public library. We speak with Carla Hayden, librarians and library users.