Video Editing & Production

I produce and edit films for cultural institutions, media outlets and organizations. A selection of my work is below.


The Journey HOME: Healing Waters

Assistant editor/assistant producer
Produced by: Meridian Hill Pictures / Arcos Films
Director: Heather Courtney.

Three combat vets, each injured in a different war, find healing through flyfishing.

Udeekna Music Video

Live music video for Baltimore-based musician, Ami Dang




Produced for: Duke University


The Women Behind The Clothes

Assistant editor
Produced for: United Nations Foundation's Universal Access Project 



La Expedición

Assistant editor
Produced by: Meridian Hill Pictures

La Expedición follows Molly & Berenice as they design and implement a learning expedition in the Expeditionary Learning model. La Expedición travels back and forth between behind-the-scenes preparation and inside the classroom implementation of the expedition lessons, capturing a diversity of teacher and student perspectives.


Activating Empathy

Assistant producer and editor
Produced for Ashoka.